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Birthday Project Archive
Coming 9 September 2022

To celebrate Goran's birthday each year on 9 September, Goran Višnjić Archive would like to invite all Tree Huggers (fans of Goran) to participate in wishing him a happy birthday by submitting your birthday messages (typed, or handwritten <--- snap a picture or scan it), photos, fanart, videos, etc. that will be shared with Goran via social media on his special day.

Goran Višnjić Archive will collect birthday greetings from fans each year from 1 June until 1 September. All submissions will be archived here on the GVA site for everyone - and Goran *fingers crossed* - to see.

In order to make this project successful, GVA needs your help. All you need to do is participate by creating your birthday message for Goran. Once you finish your greeting, just send it my way so that I can get it archived on this site by 9 September - Goran's birthday. Please send your birthday messages to: BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com (use the email subject: "Goran BDay Project"). Please include the following information:

  • your name and/or your social media handle (indicate if it's Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • your location: city, state, country
  • your website URL if you have one that you'd like to share

Any submissions I receive without this information will not be credited.

Please share this graphic on your social media account to help promote the 2022 Goran Visnjic Birthday Project, and provide a link back to gv-archive.com. Thank you.

On 9 September, GVA (using my social media handle @BattleshipGarcy) will make a post on Instagram and Twitter, tagging Goran with the link to this page where all our birthday wishes for him will be posted. Everyone who participates (or who does not) is also welcome to share the link to GVA to share all the birthday wishes.

You are also encouraged to share your messages independent from GVA on social media, tagging Goran so that he has the chance to see your message directly from you. If you don't have any social media account, this birthday project is the best way for you to wish Goran a happy birthday. Please use the hashtags:



If you are sharing your birthday wishes on Twitter tag Goran @goranvisnjic, and if you're sharing on Instagram tag Goran @goran_visnjic so that it's possible he might see it. Please also include a link back to this page: www.gv-archive.com/bday

  • all fans of Goran are welcome to participate
  • submissions are only accepted from 1 June to 1 September
  • no late submissions will be accepted
  • no vulgar or inappropriate messages or images will be accepted
  • please limit your message to 1-2 paragraphs (shorter messages are also welcome)
  • images containing paparazzi photographs will not be accepted
  • How do I submit my birthday message (photo, fanart, video, etc.)? Please email me your birthday greeting at BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com using the email subject: "GV Birthday Project" - please also include 1) your name/username, 2) URL of your social media account (if applicable), 3) your country/city/state (if you want everyone who views this page to know that information)
  • What kinds of images are accepted? Collages, color edits, GIFs, paintings, digital paintings, drawings, sketches, a photo of your handwritten birthday message, etc. If you'd like to include a photo of yourself with your message you can send that as well.
  • Will our birthday messages be seen by Goran? There is no way to know if Goran will see this page or any of our messages on social media unless he publicly acknowledges it (which is not expected or asked of him). He will be tagged on social media (Instagram and Twitter) and will be provided a link to this page where all our birthday messages for the year will be posted.
  • Once I have received your birthday greeting, I will send you a confirmation email that your message has been accepted, and that it will be archived on this page for Goran to see.

Goran Višnjić Archive is a fansite for Croatian-American actor Goran Višnjić. He is best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovač on ER, and he has also appeared in films such as Practical Magic, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Fátima. Most recently he has starred as Garcia Flynn on NBC's Timeless, and as famed inventor Nikola Tesla in the BBC’s Doctor Who.

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