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11 February 2021

Screen captures of Goran from last month's Timeless Reunion have been added, as well as two new images from his upcoming film Severed Silence, and a new Instagram photo!

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[ Severed Silence // Instagram ]

08 February 2021

Two images from Instagram (2019, 2021) added to the gallery:

GIFs from the movies Practical Magic and Helen have been added. Thank you, Minjung!

I've also added some of the Goran GIFs that I've made (excluding those from Timeless, for the moment): ER 8x15 "It's All In Your Head", The Boys 2x08 "What I Know", 2015 Bild interview, 2017 interview with Goran and Malcolm Barrett, 2018 Timeless "Movie" set interview, and a few miscellaneous GIFs. Enjoy!

14 January 2021

A huge gamsahabnida! 감사합니다! to Minjung for sending me screen captures from the movies Dark Hearts and Asthma to add to the archive. Now I'm more convinced than ever to hurry up my viewing of these two movies because his look in both are so... well, if you've seen the movies or the pictures, you know. And thank you also for sending me captures from the Behind The Scenes Featurette for Practical Magic. I appreciate your help so much. Thank you so much, Minjung! Happy Goran Thursday!

[ Dark Hearts // Asthma ]

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There are nine more days until Goran takes part in the Timeless Reunion on 23 January! As per the Play-PerView ticket site: ticket proceeds will be donated to Feeding America. Donate $100 or more and receive a special limited edition gift. Viewing link will be sent the day of the event. You can purchase your event ticket at this site. While $20 is the suggested minimum amount, if you have limited funds, you can purchase a ticket for as low as $1. Sales end on 23 January 2021. And if you're like me and don't use and/or don't trust Zoom, a live-stream viewing link (good through 27 January) will be provided to you after the event so that you can watch it. I'm assuming this rewatch link will be through Vimeo as they did with the Better Off Ted Reunion.

04 January 2021

Screen captures of Goran from the Better Off Ted Reunion have been added to the gallery. I'll be adding GIFs as soon as I make them, stay tuned!

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Goran will be participating in a Timeless Reunion on Saturday, 23 January. Here is a link to watch the script reading of the Timeless episode 203 "Hollywoodland." There will also be included "fresh material," and a Q&A sessioin afterward.

"Play-PerView will reunite the cast of NBC’s “Timeless” to support Feeding America. "Clockblockers Unite: a TIMELESS Evening" will reunite series co-creator Shawn Ryan ("The Shield") with stars Malcolm Barrett (“Preacher”), Sakina Jaffrey ("House of Cards"), Paterson Joseph ("Peep Show") Matt Lanter ("The Mandalorian") Abigail Spencer ("True Detective") and Goran Višnjić ("ER"). The evening will feature a reading of the season two episode Hollywoodland featuring brand new material written specifically for this event. original cast members , a moderated discussion and an opportunity for fans to ask their questions will follow.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to Feeding America.
Donate $100 or more and receive a special limited edition gift.
Viewing link will be sent the day of the event."

17 December 2020

Announced today, Goran will take part as a special guest in the Better Off Ted Reunion hosted by Veridian Dynamics on Sunday, 27 December at 6pm EST (+5 GMT). You can find more information about how you can watch the reunion is available on the event's website. It's a Play-PerView event through Zoom to benefit Feeding America.


I've added one new 2003 photoshoot image to the gallery, and I've updated the 2020 Instagram section with the latest images Goran has shared with his fans. Thank you, Goran! Please, everyone, stay safe, have a Merry Christmas, Sretan Božić svima! Happy Holidays! See you all in the new year!

24 November 2020

The upgrade of GVA is finished! <--- and a week earlier than expected! And as an early holiday gift to you all, I've added loads of new content to the site.

But before we get to what's new to GVA, I want to give a HUGE shout out to a handful of fans who have helped me with this site these past several months: Eniko (for her help organizing images), Eve (for helping clean up images), Rebekah (for helping clean up images), EnTaks (for generously sending me a couple magazines), and HaleyD (as always, for helping me dig up HQ images). Though I maintain this site, it is with the help of other fans, and friends, that it can continue to grow. Thank you all so very, much!

I also want to announce that next year GVA is bringing you (and Goran) the Goran Višnjić Birthday Project. I know that in the past fans have come together to raise funds for charities close to Goran's heart. I know that 2020 has been difficult on everyone and I thought about ways that fans could celebrate Goran's birthday in 2021 in a way that can include everyone regardless of their financial situation. You can read more about the Birthday Project here.

Ok, so on to your early Happy Holidays Goran goodies! (early because I plan on taking a break from doing site updates until after the new year)

And if you're in the Holiday Spirit mood, don't forget that you can participate in the 12 Days of Goran on social media this month. It's a part of the final Garcy Holidays, and you can find the full Garcy Holidays 2020 schedule here. After 2020, GVA will continue the 12 Days of Goran tradition and you will be able to find information and the schedule for 12 Days here on GVA. This year, please use the following hashtags if you are participating: #12DaysOfGoran #GoranVišnjić #GarcyHolidays

  12 Days of Goran : December 2020
  Tues, 1 December Share your favorite Goran scene
  Thurs, 3 December Watch: Doctor Who "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror"
  Sat, 5 December Share your favorite selfies of Goran
  Mon, 7 December Watch: "Spartacus"
  Wed, 9 December Celebrate your favorite Goran character
  Fri, 11 December Watch: "The Journey Home"
  Sun, 13 December Celebrate your favorite Goran character relationship
  Tues, 15 December Watch: "Ice Age"
  Thurs, 17 December Share your favorite GIFs of Goran
  Sat, 19 December Watch: ER 12x10 "All About Christmas Eve"
  Mond, 21 December Share your favorite photos of Goran
  Wed, 23 December Watch: ER 13x11 "City of Mercy"

I have upgraded all the screen captures of Goran in Timeless. What was on the site previously was HD captures made from iTunes files, but I discovered that making screen captures directly from the region 2 blu-rays rendered higher quality results (sharper image, deeper color depth). If only all of Goran's projects were available on blu-ray. HQ episodic stills of Goran from season one & season two have been added as well.

And uh... yeah, the full set (9) of the Garcia Flynn "Flereal Flurtleneck" promotional images is now on GVA!

Hey! Hey! Luka Kovač fans! I'm sure you've been waiting for me to get back to doing screen captures of ER, and I'm happy to announce that season 6 is complete! New to the gallery: Be Still My Heart, All In The Family, Be Patient, Viable Options, Match Made In Heaven, The Fastest Year, Loose Ends, Such Sweet Sorrow, and May Day. Enjoy the caps and I'll work on adding the rest of Goran's episodes as soon as possible (with a goal of completing ER by the end of 2021).

Screen captures for Close Your Eyes (+BTS Featurette and stills), upgraded quality Fátima screen captures have been added as well as stills and behind the scene images, stills and BTS from the upcoming Severed Silence, production stills from Goran's time on stage performing Hamlet, screen captures for the Doctor Who featurette "The Great Train Chase," behind the scenes from The Boys and The Brides, and episodic stills and behind the scenes from This Is Us have also been added to the gallery. Here's a little sample of what's new (of course, there's much more just click on those links highlighted in this paragraph).

I've been organizing all the photoshoot images that I have of Goran and with the help of Eniko, I've been able to properly organize them all by the year they were taken. GVA now has mostly HQ photoshoot images (some LQ) of Goran dating back to 1998 <-- thank you HaleyD for your help tracking these down. Enjoy all the pretty in the Photoshoots section of the site (120 new images have been added in this update). Here's a small sampling of the images that have been added to GVA photoshoots gallery in this update:

But seriously, another HUGE SHOUT OUT to Eve and Rebekah for their help in cleaning up some of these photoshoot images. I appreciate your help so much.

New to GVA: Instagram photos! Some, not all, of Goran's publicly shared pictures will be archived on the site. Make sure you don't miss any new pictures by following Goran on Instagram today!

New editorials from SDCC 2016 and the 2018 Humane Society of The United States' to The Rescue! Gala have been added to the public appearances section of the gallery.

In the Interviews section of the photo gallery, I've added a few new screen captures: Close Your Eyes Featurette, Helen Featurette, K-11 Featurette, Crossling Lines Season 3 EPK, 2015 BILD interview, 2019 RTL interview, and the 2020 Dnevnik Showbuzz interview.

And last, but not least... more scans have been added to GVA! Thank you, EnTaks and random eBay sellers for providing/sending these to me.

I hope you all enjoy the upgrade to the site, and all the new content. If you have any pictures you would like to see archived on GVA, please feel free to send them my way (BattleshipGarcy@gmail.com). All who contribute to the site will be given credit for their contribution and their name listed on the Thank You list on the site's information page. I'm always on the lookout for LQ/HQ/UHQ photoshoots, TV/movie images, GIFs, scans, and screen captures - and I assure you that I still have tons more on my computer/external drives, to add to the site.

I want to thank everyone who donated funds to help keep Goran Višnjić Archive online this year. I know that 2020 hasn't been easy on any of us, and your help is very much appreciated, and helps keep this site online.

If you would like to donate to help keep the Goran Višnjić Archive fansite online, you can do so by donating funds via my server host's Public Pay system (GTX determines the minimum amount you can donate). All donated funds go directly to GTXGaming to be applied to this site's monthly fees. As per GTXGaming's Public Pay site, all donations are non-refundable. The funds are not available for anyone other than GTXGaming to withdraw. I thank you in advance for any help that you can give. Your help is appreciated, more than words could ever express.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season, and I look forward to bringing you more Goran in 2021.

♥ BattleshipGarcy ♥

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