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14 JANUARY 2020

Here's the actual design of the Goran Višnjić Archive site that I didn't have time to finalize before the holiday season! I think - and I hope you do too - that this look is much better. Site navigation is up on top and content is easier to find and to view. Come back soon for screen captures of episode 6 of General, and of course caps for Goran's appearance in series 12 of Doctor Who.

Next Sunday, Goran guest stars on Doctor Who, 12x04 "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror." Here are your trailers and know that I should be able to get screen captures up on GVA by next Monday!

07 JANUARY 2020

- screen captures for episode 105 of the Croatian mini-series, General

04 JANUARY 2020

Želim sretnu novu godinu svima! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season and a great start to 2020. January is off and running here at GVA. I'll continue to add screen captures of Goran from the mini-series General as the videos are made available, and Tree Huggers are looking forward to Goran's stint as Nikola Tesla in series 12 of Doctor Who later this month. Happy new year, indeed!

- screen captures for episode 103 of the Croatian mini-series, General

- screen captures for episode 104 of the Croatian mini-series, General

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